Sunday, September 30, 2012

Models of Teaching and Learning

Based on your knowledge gained through the course: HMEF 5123 : models of teaching and learning, discuss how as a teacher you could use the information gained to encourage learner autonomy in a class. In your discussion , you would need to prepare a teaching learning plan consisting of the following :-

a) Model used (select from any one of the family of models). Explain how this model can be applied to promote learner autonomy.

b) Strategies used – select relevant and appropriate techniques / approaches used by the model.

c) Description of students in terms of academic and attitudinal aspects. Explain how the students can benefit from use of this model .

d) Teaching – learning activities related to the selected model. Your teaching learning activities MUST adhere to the phases as stipulated in the selected model in the course. Explain how these stages differ from the autonomous learner model by George T. Betts , Jolene K and Kercher ( 1991).

e) Mode of Assessment-Describe the content or type of assessment. Elaborate the manner in which the learning is assessed.

Tugasan ini sebenarnya kami pernah buat sebelum ini cuma mungkin soalannya diubah-ubah setiap semester. Namun kehendak soalan sebenarnya adalah hampir sama setiap semester.

Sekiranya anda semua berasa pening sebab dah takdea idea, sibuk menguruskan kerja sehingga tidak ada masa untuk membuat tugasan. Anda boleh terus ke SINI untuk mendapatkan tips membuat tugasan atau ke SINI untuk mendapatkan contoh tugasan terdahulu sebagai rujukan.


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