Saturday, July 7, 2012

Introductory Maintenance Management

You have been appointed as a maintenance manager in a large-scale electronics manufacturing company. Currently, the company practices decentralized maintenance WITHOUT outsourcing. Most of the equipment in this plant are high-tech equipment (including facilities equipments) with dedicated manufacturers/suppliers where local sales and service supports are readily available. The maintenance department is facing issues such as high manpower turnover, excessive overtime, high equipment downtime and high spare parts usage that is leading to high maintenance cost. Your Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) for the next 12 months are as follows: 

a) To reduce the maintenance manpower by 25 percents. 

b) To reduce overtime by 50 percents. 

Your task is to propose a maintenance strategy to achieve your KPI’s.  (Hint: Consider Centralized Maintenance and Outsourcing strategy) 



Literature Review (5-6 articles)
-Able to show a very good outsource from the relevant articles on maintenance organisation. 

Proposed Maintenance Strategy
-Excellent justification of the proposed maintenance strategy to meet the KPI’s; supported by a considerable number of examples from evidence based research; all citations are referenced in the APA style. 


Tugasan ini sebenarnya kami pernah buat sebelum ini cuma mungkin soalannya diubah-ubah setiap semester. Sekiranya anda semua berasa pening sebab dah takdea idea, sibuk menguruskan kerja sehingga tidak ada masa untuk membuat tugasan. Anda boleh terus ke SINI untuk mendapatkan khidmat membuat tugasan atau ke SINI untuk mendapatkan contoh tugasan terdahulu sebagai rujukan.


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